Abstral (Fentanyl) [Sublingual tablet] 400mcg

Abstral (Fentanyl) [Sublingual tablet] 400mcg

Abstral (Fentanyl) [Sublingual tablet] 400mcg


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Abstral can be used only in patients whose opioid treatment is considered responsive to chronic cancer pain. When patients take at least 60 mg oral morphine a day, at least 25 micrograms of once a time.. Abstral sublingual tablets should be given directly in the deepest part of the tongue. Before the sublingual tablet dissolves completely, patients do not eat or drink anything. Water shouldbe used to humidify the oral mucosa in patients with a dry mouth prior to taking Abstral.The dose titration is intended for the determination of an appropriate maintenance dose for continuous pain episode treatment. The optimum dosage would ensure an appropriate degree of adverse reactions for sufficient analgesia. The optimum Abstral dose will be calculated on an individual patient basis by upwardtitration. In the dose titration process, many doses are available for use. The first dose of
Abstral should be 100 micrograms, which will titrate upwards as needed in the range of dosage strengths available.


A single sublingual tablet of 100 micrograms will begin all patients' therapy. A supplementary (second) 100 micrograms of the sublingual tablet may be used if sufficient analgesia is not obtained in 15- 30 minutes of the administration of a single sublingual tablet. If adequate analgesia is not achieved within 15–30 minutes of the first dose, the next episode of breakthrough pain will consider raising the dosage to the next highest tablet level. Dose rises will proceed slowly to achieve sufficient analgesia with tolerable side effects. The dose intensity should be increased at 400 microgram doses and higher for the additional (second) sublingual tablet from 100 to 200 micrograms. In a single episode of breakthrough pain during this titration process, no more than two (2) doses shall be given.


In people who already take opioid medications round the clock for cancer pain, this drug helps to relieve unexpected (breakthrough) pain. Fentanyl is a class of medications known as analgesic opioids (narcotics). It functions in the brain to adjust the sensation and reaction of the body to pain.


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