AK48 Automatic Seeds

AK48 Automatic Seeds

AK48 Automatic Seeds


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See our feminized plants, AK 48 auto-flowering. The AK 48 is a standard and not a hype-based best- seller. A good and reliable strain that can grow well and produce high output in 9-10 weeks
It guarantees high genetics.  The strain provides a quick lightning movement with a subtle scent during flowering, is tiny and loves to be grown both outdoors and inside.

Short Description

The auto version AK48 of Nirvana's strain AK48 is auto-flowering. The AK48 has been introduced to the auto-floral genetics of ruderalis, which can be easily planted in all environments and which can produce multiple crops out-doors in warmer climates per growing season. Auto AK48 is a medium-sized, quick-to-end farm. It is strongly recommended to use air filters if growing domestic growers emit an overpowering smell of tropically too ripe fruit such as melons. In as little as 48 flowering days yields between 200 and 300 gr / m2 can be harvested. Buds are very cold and sharp. The soft, earthy and floral aromas of the dried buds. With a medium level of CBD, this plant produces high levels of THC. The result is euphoric, with a sense of relaxed calm, giving happy feelings. It has therapeutic uses for stress relief and depression and is also ideal for insomnia patients. If you want to buy AK48 Automatic seeds online, visit power online pharmacy.

Taste and Effects

A ripe mango can best be represented as the taste of the AK 48 plant. Beautiful, still robust and durable. You feel an intense and enjoyable physical relaxation during the ingestion of sticky buds, primarily induced by the Indica influences. The Sativa products are socially enhanced and deliver a pleasant, euphoric and calming atmosphere.

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