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Big Bud Automatic Seeds

Big Bud Automatic Seeds


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It produces big, dense buds, coated with resin. Soft, earthy and spicy, the fragrance is also distinctive; it has a generous skunk hint. How about the top? This is a representative variety (80%),so predict a sharp body stone that is profoundly soothing. Sensi Seeds returned to its origins, and Skunk and Northern Lights were then introduced to its genetic history. An automated high-performance version that usually produces a high indica. It is an auto-flowering variety, suitable for experienced cultivators. As a vehicle, it can survive in most climatic conditions and also provides a quicker flora. Cultivators can expect a total of 45-55 flowering days, with a growth period of between 13 and 17 weeks. To someone who needs fast production or multiple harvests a year, this is beneficial.

Big Bud Auto is a plant of medium-scale, no matter whether it is grown inside or outside. Most plants range between 90 and 130 cm; outdoors with slightly higher altitudes (of at most about 150cm). As it emerges, the central cola and broad, abundant buds, mostly around the truss and on thehigher branches, are easily recognizable. Big Bud Automatic's key feature is the distinctive buds. Even after curing, they are massive and retain much of their size. Buds are dense too, so thick that the branches they grow on often break down. As such, during later flowering times, the plants can need some support. Since this strain is self flowering, it is robust enough even in colder climates. It can be grown indoors or in a greenhouse. To buy Big Bud automatic seed online, visit online pharmacy.

Taste and Smell 

The Indica genetics of Big Bud Automatic can be identified immediately after ingestion. Users also
experience a loud, full-body, calming and full body. A hint of euphoria comes from the 15 per cent
Sativa dimension.
The plant and  Afghan origin is recognized through its sweet, musky and spicy fragrance. Upon
processing and curing, the scent intensifies and can be tasted.

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