Big Bud Feminized Seeds

Big Bud Feminized Seeds

Big Bud Feminized Seeds


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Big Bud Feminized is valued by producers looking for large yields. The strain, awarded worldwide for the bumpers, is durable, simple to grow and has a natural resistance to mould and plague. It also has a deliciously fruity and spicy fragrance and a molasses-like taste. Users should anticipate a steady and calming stone thanks to its indicative genetics.

Eighty-five per cent of seeds of Big Bud Feminized Marijuana are indicated. The structure and performance of the plant and its deep relaxation are observable. Sensi Seeds captured the original Big Bud (dating from the 1980s), and its genetic composition included Skunk and the Northern Lights. This leads to a powerful, skunky and impressive harvest plant. This variant of the strain is feminized. This means, it is improbable that the seeds would produce male plants, which encourages farming. Big Bud has a relatively short blooming time (about 50 to 65 days), so for those who want fast results, it is a good option. The best time to harvest is half-to-late
October when grown outdoors.

Structural, with fewer leaves than other varieties, the plants are relatively small. The biggest thing about them (the name suggests) is the large buds which are usually thick and robust, which grow around the central stem. It is not unusual that the branches collapse under their weight, but with any tension wire or other support, this can be remedied. In warmer climes with longer summers, Big Bud Feminized thrives. The Mediterranean areas are
perfect. Additionally, indoor or in a greenhouse plant can be grown. Buy Big Bud Feminized seed online from power online pharmacy

Effects and Taste 

Wide Bud Feminized is an indicator of 85%. This results in a reliable, sedative and calming high. Some say that when it is being used giggly and euphorically, which may be a hint to 15% of Sativa genetics.

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