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The Brass Knuckles brand was created by none other than the iconic rapper Xzibit in Los Angeles, California. Brass Knuckles are considered to be the best and fastest steam cartridges on the market for a long time. At one point, the concentration of their prohibited fruits tested was incredible in 90% THC, but later this was then and now is about 71%. There are also several great features on the brand though Brass Knuckles may no longer be able to claim to have the most influential cannabis emphasis available and is one of the most popular brands today. And if you wonder which brand of vape you're going to try next, you're right. Kick back and chill out and see our full study of the steam cartridges of Brass Knuckles.

Brass Knuckles are elegant and stylish vapour cartridges. They are lightweight and compact, and they are unbelievably light and portable. Even maybe more significantly, the cartridges are discreet too, so you won't have to advertise them in the country if you need to dosage when driving! The cardboard itself has a silver shine and is written on the Brass Knuckles emblem. The designers took care of everything from the packaging to the batteries, and it shows. We think this product is pretty pimped, just like the trip of Xzibit! Buy brass Knuckles online from Power online pharmacy.


The proudest attribute is the scent of Brass Knuckles. The company uses only quality varieties of marijuana to produce its concentrates, which is obtained with CO2 and tastes like the real thing. The oil also has an extensive range of terpenes, which contributes to the characteristic flavour of Brass Knuckles. These steam cartridges are available in India, Sativa and hybrid versions and some limited editions are available. Brass knuckles steam cartridges are also available in various candy aromas for those who want a sweeter savour.


• compact and unobtrusive.
• User-friendly.
• Long lifespan of the battery.
• Excellent taste.
• Creates standard strains with top-shelf.
• Strong level of terpenes.
• There is no cartridge wastage.

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