Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15mg

Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15mg

Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15mg


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The absorption of paracetamol (Codogesi) from the gut is reduced by cholestyramine. The effect of Paracetamol (Codogesic) must not be diminished within an hour of taking or theimpact of Paracetamol (Codogesic). The absorption of Paracetamol (Codogetic) from the gut can rise with metoclopramide and domperidone. Prolonged or frequent use of Paracetamol (Codogesic) can contribute to a growing risk of blood clotting of warfarin and other anti-blood therapy drugs. This effect is not sometimes triggered by painkilling. You will routinely track blood coagulation cycles if you are using an anticoagulant medication and are also taking codamol daily. If you want to buy Codogesic online, visit power online pharmacy.


This drug includes paracetamol, hemihydrate of codeine and succinate of doxylamine. It is used to temporarily alleviate the effects of mild to extreme headache pain, toothaches, long- term pain, backache and trauma/surgery associated pain. It also decreases fever. Additionally. Paracetamol serves to avoid pain signals reaching the brain. Hemihydrate Codeine Phosphate is a category of drugs known as analgesics. This is an opioid analgesic that serves to alleviate pain and emotional distress.


The dosage should be tailored to the patient's pain level and reaction. Nevertheless, it should be noted that tolerances of codeine will increase with continued use, and adverse events are linked to dose. Adult dose codeine (Codogesic) of more than 60 mg is not proportionally pain-related but is only extended by analgesia, and the frequency of adverse effects is significantly increased. Similar results should have equivalently high doses
in infants. The effects of Codogesic Tablet can change if you use other medicines or over counter products at the same time. Tell your doctor about all the medicines, vitamins and herbal supplements that you use so you can either prevent or handle drug reactions.

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