Haze Automatic Seeds

Haze Automatic Seeds

Haze Automatic Seeds


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Haze Automatic blends the uplifting effect of Haze, the iconic Cannabis sativa strain, to create a new masterpiece of feminized marijuana breeding through the useful automatic abilities of Cannabis ruderalis and a compacter stature of the Cannabis sativa strain! Haze Automatic gives growers afresh, fruity aroma and an engaged, cheerful high in the pure and satisfying production of lush flowers. Haze once only grew up by gardeners who were able to afford their floral cycle of 16-24 weeks and to cope with its growing level, realizing that its reward was typically a less than the considerable harvest of fluffy buds. It was the unbelievable, healthy and glad brain high that made it essential. Haze Automatic feminized seeds minimize both the flowering period and the height of the pre- eminent Sativa, making the sought-after effect reachable for many other cannabis growers, including
for those who need to buy seeds for outdoor growing in temperate climates.

This incredible Haze hybrid begins self-blooming after about seven weeks of vegetative growth, when plants are still tiny, instead of waiting for a shift in light cycles. The flowering is approximately 55-75 days and is usually only 90-120 cm high by the time Haze Automatic is ready for harvest. Outdoor plants can be harvested in September by the auto-flora gain of feminized Haze Automatic seeds, often even earlier when it begins quite soon in spring. To buy haze automatic seeds online, visit power online pharmacy.


Haze taste and smell are powerful and distracting, with pine wood and lemon. A real delicacy that those who love Haze's typical fragrance can enjoy because they can now fill their cupboards with a
personal taste quickly and easily.


Her lengthy-lasting cerebral impact is not exceptionally high. An outstanding experience that mixes
socializing and euphoric moments with less psychoactive cycles thanks to its THC levels ranging from
10 to 15 per cent. Haze Autoflowering is appropriate for communicating and laughter with friends.

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