Masteroxyl 100- 10ml/vial

Masteroxyl 100- 10ml/vial

Masteroxyl 100- 10ml/vial


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Masteroxyl is an injectable steroid.  As we all know that steroid are the form of synthetic and man made drugs. Masteroxyl is a combination of Drostanolone Propionate which are mainly used for the patients of breast cancer. It is mostly given at the time of breast cancer therapy. Many athletes and body builders tend to use this injectable steroid for building up their muscle mass and increase the strength. Masteroxyl is very important for enhancing the hardness of muscles of the body along with density of the muscle. It is mostly used when there is some contest or competitions of body builders. When body builders are into their weight management, then also this steroid is responsible and mostly used by them. Masteroxyl is full of estrogenic properties. This drug usually have short life in the body. It is body building drug and works best when it is combined with Nandroxyl and Boldaxyl. 


It is used for patients of breast cancer, when the therapy is done this steroid is given to them 
It is used by many athletes and body builders for strengthening the muscle mass
When there is weight class management, then also this steroid works in body builders 
Most of the body builders inject this steroid at the time of competitions for improving the density of muscles. 


The injections of masteroxyl should be taken after every 3 to 4 days and it is recommended to have 350 to 500 mg in a week, if you are a men. In case of women, it is advised to take 75 to 150 mg in a week. Make sure you take it correctly. 

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