Methylphenidate powder

Methylphenidate powder

Methylphenidate powder



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It is a synthetic stimulant powder that helps in treating patients with ADHD and narcolepsy. This powder directly works in central nervous system. Itworks by affecting the main chemical of the brain and nerve that is responsible for hyperactivity and impulsive control. Methylphenidate powder increases the activity of brain which results in more energy and more focused with more confidence. It is a street drug, it comes in the form of pink, white sometimes greyish and yellowish powder. This powder is taken in the form of snorting from nose, mixed in a drink and many some addictive and heavy user they prepare injections of this powder. Some people tend to use this powder for recreational activity as it is highly addictive and abuse drug. To buy methylphenidate powder online, this is the perfect site that offers great quality of this product without prescription.

Why it is Used

The first and foremost usage of methylphenidate powder is it is used for treating patients who are suffering from ADHD. It is used by people who are having narcolepsy disease. It enhances the confidence level It boosts energy level, so that the person is really active most of the time.Allows the person to be more alert and focused. It aid in weight loss, as it suppress your appetite Helps in treating patients who are suffering from depression


The dosage of methylphenidate powder depends on the age of person, medical condition and for what purpose the person is taking this chemical. If the person is regularly using this powder, it may lead to lack of sleep. It is  better not to overdose this chemical, as it has many side effects too.

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