Parabolin Trenbolone 5x ampule (76.5mg/ 1.5ml)

Parabolin Trenbolone 5x ampule (76.5mg/ 1.5ml)

Parabolin Trenbolone 5x ampule (76.5mg/ 1.5ml)


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This anabolic steroid is commonly known as parabolan, which is simply an esterified version of trenbolone, also called hexahydrobenzylcarbonatetrenbolone. This was widely used as a drug on the market for the treatment of muscle weakness as well as for osteoporosis and malnutrition. A significant number of anabolic steroids were revoked by their manufacturers who were vulnerable to being misused in sporting communities and influence on this fate.


Trenbolone is a testosterone molecule-injection-conscious anabolic steroid very similar in structure to Nandrolone.
More interestingly, the scale completely represents the effects of real life.
It is usually not known to be an effective treatment for people who have anabolic steroids because of their effectiveness and are new to it. Therefore, for those not used to anabolic steroids, the entrance rates dosage range is likely to be much too high.
Dosages typically start at around 152-220mg/ week for those who use steroids but are new to Parabolan, which is equal to half or one full ampoule. 


ParabolinTrenbolone improves RBC growth, nitrogen retention and the synthesis of proteins. This leads to a faster recovery and a higher muscle mass. However, it is more effective in doing so, which distinguishes it from other steroids. The muscle you're going to build on Tren is dry. There won't be much to no float at all. Tren is one of the world's most strong androgen receptors. It also helps to change the ratio of androgen and estrogen. The consequence under the skin is very little water or fat. If your bodybuilders have seen the paper-thin skin, Tren is probably one of the reasons.

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