Sustaxyl 350- 10ml/vial

Sustaxyl 350- 10ml/vial

Sustaxyl 350- 10ml/vial


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Sustaxyl 350 is an oils based injectable testosterone blending containing four specific testosterone esters including isocaproate (83 mg), propionate testosterone (42 mg), decanoate testosterone (140 mg) and phenylpropionate testosterone (82 mg). This company may be best known for its more popular trade name – Sustanon, and the two products have a little distinction. Sustaxyl is made to provide a rapid yet simultaneous prolonged release of testosterone, typically only once every 3-4 weeks in the clinic. It is believed that this is a significant change compared to regular testosterone esters such as enanthate or cypionate, which only gives a shorter activity period after administration. Since all of Sustaxyl 350 is made of testosterone, it is clear that Sustaxyl is also a potent androgenic anabolic agent with some pronounced androgenic activity, like all other testosterone products. Sustaxyl is most commonly used in bulking cycles for all these purposes and offers excellent strength and muscle mass gains.


Sustaxyl 350 is a steroid developed by the pharmaceutical company Kalpa Pharmaceuticals with significant anabolic and androgenic activity. The testosterone decorated bases on four low testosterone esters that have an even positive effect: testosterone decorated, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate and propionate testosterone. Sustaxyl 350 is used to increase muscle mass, improve strength and stamina and to stabilize and normalize the body. This steroid drug is most frequently in the sports practice: in sports construction, weightlifting and many other disciplines. It may also be useful for medical or psychological purposes-for replacing medication, enhanced sexual libido and behaviour and for other reasons-outside of sports, for example.

Testosterone ester is the active ingredient, which spans for three whole weeks, and all thanks to a professional blend of testosterone esters. This steroid is recommended every five days (once every three days). Around the same time, Sustaxyl's anabolic and androgenic function is precisely the same in endogenous testosterone, which makes it a compelling and persuasive sporting device in an extended-action tank.
It usually shows various positive characteristics during the Sustaxyl cycle, while the following effects are particularly significant in sports practice:
Significant anti-catabolic effect; measurable appetite increase; rapid muscle mass increases by protein synthesis; improved blood (increased red blood cell number) and enhanced body oxygen transfer; increased stamina/strength; temporary libido increase (running).


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